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Design, manufacture, installation, repair of non-standard equipment.

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We produce a wide range of equipment for a range of different product groups from individual machines to fully integrated lines.


We specialize in the manufacture of:

- All types of conveyors (including screw )

 - Dosing system

- Packing equipment

- Capacitive equipment

- Grinding equipment

- Mixers, sifters

- Various non-standard technological equipment

- Repair of equipment and production of spare parts

- Turning-milling of metal

- Metalwork and welding works (argon-arc welding)

- Bending and rolling

- Equipment for mushroom growing

- Rollers pellet mill


The mixer of this design is designed for mixing products with different degrees of fat content, different fractions and degrees of flowability. The mixing process is based on the forces of gravity, the output is a homogeneous mass.


Horizontal mixer

Horizontal mixer for bulk products of periodic action.

Hydrolysis line


The Alliance of masters group of companies works in the field of technologies of processing of fodder and food raw materials.

At the moment, a line of hydrolysis of animal waste to obtain protein hydrolyzate with digestibility of at least 85%. This development is based on vniipp research


We have modernized the technological equipment, increased its performance and reliability. An automated process control system was introduced, which improved the stability of the quality of the product


The group of companies Alliance masters offers livestock farms a partnership program for the joint production of hydrolyzed flour from animal waste and the use of the resulting flour as an additive to feed instead of imported fish meal.

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  • 1) Lathe work

    With the help of metal turning we carry out small, medium and large-scale production of shafts of different configurations, bushings, pulleys, rings, couplings, gears and non-standard products. The service is aimed at saving time of the customer, for whom Metalworking is not a core activity.

  • 2) Milling and boring operations

    Milling is necessary when machining parts with complex geometry, cutting grooves, grooves, threads, performing longitudinal or end treatment. A feature of the use of milling equipment is the possibility of any angle, which allows to produce technologically complex parts.


    Metal processing is carried out on the basis of drawings provided by the customer and relevant technical documentation – steel or other material grade, tolerances, method of surface treatment and sections, the need for grinding and additional work. When needed, professional consultations of technologists.


    We process metals of any complexity - from copper and alloys to aluminum and titanium, surgical and high-alloy steel.


  • 3)  Fitting and welding works

    Podgorka-Assembly parts, manual deployment of holes of the conical and cylindrical scans, installing bolts, tapered studs, sportovanie and raskurivanie, driving the bronze bushings and ball bearings, cutting and fit of the threads manually, riveting when assembling, soldering soft and hard solders.

  • 4)The erosive cutting machines

    Electroerosion wire cutting is an electrospark method of processing, which allows processing internal through and external surfaces of complex shape, such as splined surfaces, surfaces of gear teeth, working surfaces of die extruders, etc.

  • 5) Heat treatment

    Heat treatment is a set of operations of heating, holding and cooling of hard metal alloys in order to obtain the desired properties by changing the internal structure and structure. Heat treatment is used either as an intermediate operation to improve the workability of pressure, cutting, or as the final operation of the process, providing a given level of product properties.

  • 6) Design and development of equipment

    We carry out development and design of the equipment under needs of the customer, a metalwork and cars taking into account all requirements

About company

Alliance Masters group of companies»


Since 1998 we carry out works on rendering engineering services, production of the non-standard equipment, repair and restoration of the worn-out equipment, production of spare parts for various industries.


Specialists of our company carry out consultations on technological issues, carry out design and engineering works in accordance with the requirements of the customer, as well as produce installation and commissioning.


Due to the extensive experience gained in this area, we often use non-standard solutions to obtain the desired results.


We specialize in the manufacture of :


- all types of conveyors (including screw );


- dosing system;


- packing equipment;


- capacitive equipment;


- grinding equipment;


- mixers, sifters;


- various non-standard technological equipment.


Our partners for the period of work were the large international companies on production of food for people and animals,


In 2009 was made an order for design, manufacture, installation of sostarivaniya in the complex of greenhouses of the Park "Tsaritsyno" in Moscow


 Since 2005 we make details of the reducer of the drive of passenger cars by order of the Russian Railways.


Among the completed projects


- automation of the process of autoclaving bottles on the yogurt production line


- design, manufacture, installation of equipment in the area of sludge dehydration at the treatment facilities of a large brewing company


- modernization of puff pastry production line with installation of new drives and control system


- modernization of lines for the production of chocolate products, production of new filling units and molds


- design, manufacture, launch of sugar dosing line for marmalade and marshmallow production,as well as cooling tunnel


- design and manufacture of workplaces for operators of manual packaging of confectionery products


-Production of paleoclimatical,depalletizers,systems chain conveyors to move pallets inside the warehouse at the factory for the production of chips


- production of screw conveyor systems for the supply of grain, meat and bone meal, sugar


A new direction in our work is the development, manufacture of equipment for grinding and activation.


 As a result of many years of work of our specialists ,the grinding technology was developed, which is based on the principle of "shift in the pressure field".A new method of grinding received a patent of the Russian Federation. The advantages of this technology-simplicity, versatility, high reliability of the equipment, the degree of grinding is limited only by the possibility of the product capture system


 It allows to grind as organic substances-wood, coal, plastic, straw, grain, bran, protein, and mineral – sand, lime, plaster, cement, slime,.It is possible to grind and activate liquid solutions – for example, cement-sand, peat, coal-water fuel, sewage sludge, chicken manure, etc.In addition, this technology and equipment allow the use of mechanoactivation processes and mechanochemical reactions in conjunction with the grinding process. This opens up great opportunities for access to new technologies in the production of humates, animal feed additives ,biofuels, fuel pellets, briquettes, construction mixtures.


During the processing of grain crops managed to dramatically improve the quality of products, keeping them vitamins and amino acids. In this area, within the framework of the Federal program for the creation of technologies for deep processing of grain, joint work is underway with the institutes of Cytology and genetics, Institute of Mechanochemistry and solid state chemistry, Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS, Institute of chemical Automation (Moscow) .This equipment is constantly being improved, produced in series in several versions.




The main production base of our company is located in Stupino, Moscow


 area, 80 km from Moscow. There is a branch in Novosibirsk

Our work


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 Or call the numbers +7-496-641-14-86 +7-495-592-39-29 +7-901-181-99-02


 Address: 142800. Moscow region, Stupino, ul. Krylova, possession 16



The purpose of the vibration screen is to protect the final product from foreign bodies.



Screw elements to the extruder.

Screws on individual samples and sizes, including foreign analogues.

The body of the extruder

the body of the extruder

Mixer with spray function

The mixer of this design is designed for mixing products with different degrees of fat content, different fractions and degrees of flowability.

Альянс мастеров

+7-495-592-39-29 +7-496-641-14-86

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